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We’re Catharine and James - a light obsessed, style-led, wanderlust pair of photographers working seamlessly together to tell authentic stories of love anywhere in the UK and Europe. 

We create light-filled, luminous photography that inhabits the heart and soul of your wedding, and you as people.

With an innate eye for artful composition, we not only document the day as it unfolds, but also create and curate stylish images that capture little pieces of you. For us, this aesthetic is as natural as breathing, it’s the way our creative eyes see the world.

It’s the beautiful details full of meaning and the fleeting moments shared between people… and sharing laughter whilst getting to know you so that on the day you feel like we’re just another pair of friends.

James Noble photographs model at Iscoyd Park Wedding Shoot

“It seriously is the most beautiful I’ve ever felt looking at these pictures!”

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